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Extraskeletal chondroma of the hand accompanied by proliferating chondroblast-like cells with an eleven-year follow-up

Naoto Saito, Hiroshi Horiuchi, Hiroshi Toriumi, Tadaatsu Miyasaka

CaseRepClinPractRev 2003; 4(2):66-68

ID: 429031


Background: An extraskeletal chondroma is a benign soft tissue tumor but occasionally atypical morphologic features create difficulties for differential diagnosis from malignancy.Case Report: A gradually enlarging tumor was removed from the left palm of a 61-year-old female patient. Histological images showed an extremely rare case of extraskeletal chondroma with proliferating large chondroblast-like cells,containing both atypical cells and karyomitosis. Eleven years after the surgery, there was no sign of a local recurrence or metastasis.Conclusions: Careful diagnosis of this type of extraskeletal chondroma is required to avoid overtreatment due to incorrect diagnosis.

Keywords: extraskeletal chondroma, chondroblast-like cell, Hand, long-term follow-up