ISSN 1941-5923


Central nervous system involvement of primary renal lymphoma with diffuse large B-cell type lymphoma

Rong Hu, Rong Zhang, Miao Miao, Ke Zhu, Wei Yang, Zhuogang Liu

(Shenyang City, China (mainland))

Am J Case Rep 2013; 14:292-294

DOI: 10.12659/AJCR.889308

Published: 2013-08-02

Background: Primary lymphoma of urinary system is an uncommon entity including primary renal lymphoma, primary ureter lymphoma, bladder lymphoma, and urethra (including prostate) lymphoma. The pathology of PRL is usually diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
Case Report: In this study we describe a 27-year-old Chinese woman with central nervous system leukemia due to PRL. It was classified as diffuse large B-cell lymphoma non-GCB type according to kidney biopsy. We selected R-CHOP as a regimen and it showed good curative effect. However, the patient suffered recurrence involving the central nervous system with complaint of intolerable iliac-sacral pain at 26 days after 6 courses of R-CHOP.
Conclusions: This case shows that prognosis of PRL is poorer than nodal lymphoma. There is an urgent need for a more effective strategy with higher blood-brain barrier permeability.

Keywords: Primary renal lymphoma, central nervous system involvement, lymphoma ,diffuse large B-cell type