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Abdominal gunshot wounds during pregnancy: report of two cases

Ahmet Yalinkaya, Gonul Olmez, Murat Yayla

CaseRepClinPractRev 2005; 6:61-64

ID: 16414

Available online: 2005-01-02

Published: 2005-01-02

Background: We analyzed two cases with abdominal injuries by gunshot, and followed-up the maternal prognosis for three years.
Case report: We reported two pregnant women injured by gunshot, both of whom were 22-year-old and married. They were at 28th and 32nd weeks of gestation. In the first case, the entrance of bullet was
above the umbilicus, but there was no outlet. The fetus was alive, and therefore, cesarean section was required immediately. The bullet had passed through the uterus and was found below the right kidney. The fetal head and maternal intestines were injured. In the second case, the entrance of buckshot was on the left side of the umbilicus. The fetus was dead, and fetal abdominal organs and placental parts protruded from the buckshot entrance. Laparotomy was performed
and no visceral organ injuries were observed except the uterus. The patient applied to General Surgery department due to suffering from abdominal distance, vomiting and ileus four
mounts later. The second operation was performed, but all of bowels were adhered to each others, and the adhesions could not be separated. The patient was died postoperative day 3. The
first patient applied to our department for secondary infertility three years later, and generalize pelvic and abdominal adhesions were detected by laparoscopy.
Conclusions: We presented two cases of fetal gunshot wounds, which were extremely rare, and stressed the importance of the early diagnosis and immediate laparotomy for the lower abdominal gunshot
wounds during pregnancy. However, this condition can cause generalize adhesions between intraabdomial organs as a later period complication.

Keywords: Intrauterine, gunshot, wound, Mortality