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In vitro prepared autologous graft from buccal mucosa – clinical application

Dušan Poruban, Dušan Bakoš, Ľuboš Danišovič, Daniel Böhmer, Milan Blaško, Ján Vojtaššák

CaseRepClinPractRev 2005; 6:107-112

ID: 428829

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Background: Damage or loss of oral cavity tissues as a result of injuries or tumour surgeries results in decreasing of life quality of the patients. The tissue engineering brings new approaches to solve this problem.Case Report: Method of graft utilisation from buccal mucosa of a patient with plastic reconstruction of the oral vestibule is described. The plastic reconstruction was performed using the technique of in vitro preparation of an autologous graft from the buccal mucosa on Coladerm membrane produced on the basis of chemically modified complex of atelocollagen and hyaluronan. It has proven its advantages as an excellent scaffold for epithelial cells using the modified fragment technique of establishing human cell and tissue cultures. Conclusions: In the presented clinical case it is shown that the use of an autologous graft prepared in vitro resulted in shorter epithelisation time of the defect for almost 7 days as perceived subjectively by the patient in comparison to the Coladerm membrane without cells using the same technique under comparable conditions. The macroscopic assessment of complete epithelisation of the defect revealed a difference of more than 10 days.

Keywords: autologous graft, Coladerm membrane, cultivation of epithelial cells, oral cavity