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Misdiagnosed cecal congenital diverticulitis – a case report

Nuraydin Ozlem

CaseRepClinPractRev 2005; 6:140-143

ID: 428841

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Background: The isolated cecal or ascending colon diverticulitis is rare and frequently discovered unexpectedly at urgent surgical interventions for suspected acute appendicitis.Case Report: We present a case of a 49-year-old male who was admitted to our hospital with right lower abdominal pain. He has undergone an operation for appendicitis 8 years ago, and a hernia 11 years ago. In the operation, inflammation and edema in cecum region, dilatation in cecum and the terminal ileum were found and 1 cm diverticulum was removed. In the postoperative period the microscopic examination of the specimen showed that it is a true diverticulum, and colonography showed diverticuli along the whole colon being predominantly in the ascending colon.Conclusions: The aim of this case report is to review the literature about this uncommon case and to keep the right-sided colon diverticulitis in mind for the patients who are admitted to a hospital with right lower abdominal pain when the etiology of the pain remains unidentified.

Keywords: cecum diverticulitis