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Spontaneous uterine rupture at the 13th week of gestation in a pregnant woman with a history of recurrent abortion

Ahmet Kale, Nurten Akdeniz, Mahmut Erdemoglu, Yılmaz Ozcan, Ahmet Yalinkaya

CaseRepClinPractRev 2005; 6:285-287

ID: 438977

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Background: Uterine rupture is a life threatening obstetrical emergency encountered infrequently in the
obstetrics department. The diagnosis of uterine rupture is often missed or delayed, leading to
maternal and fetal mortality. We report a case that had 13 weeks gestation and uterine rupture
with a history of habitual abortion
Case Report: Case of spontaneous uterine rupture at the 13[sup]th[/sup] week of gestation in a 32-year–old pregnant woman (G6P0) had a history of unexplained five recurrent abortions, and presented to our clinic due to acute abdomen. Generalized intraabdominal hemorrhage and hemorrhagic shock
was detected on patient examination. Emergency laparotomy was carried out immediately, and
a complete rupture and active bleeding of the anterior fundal segment of the gravid uterus was
detected. The sac with the fetus was lying in the uterine cavity but placenta was protruded to
3x3 cm of ruptured defect. A live female fetus of 300 g was delivered, and uterine rupture was closed with primary suture.
Conclusions: Our case might be the first reported case of pregnant women who had a uterine rupture with a history of habitual abortus has been described at the first trimester of pregnancy.

Keywords: Spontaneous uterine rupture, First trimester