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Eyebrow to eyelid cilia transplant: a case report

Muawyah D. Al-Bdour

CaseRepClinPractRev 2005; 6:351-353

ID: 440499

Available online:


Background: The first line of defence in the protective function of the lids is made up of the cilia and the eyebrows. From lid margin anterior border project the eyelashes (cilia) in two or three rows. Each lash survives for about 3 to 5 months.The eyebrows are more or less horizontal strips of similar
short hairs in the skin over the upper orbital margin. these hairs perform a warning service
concerning objects approaching the eyes from above. This report describes a simple technique of eyebrow to eyelid cilia transplant in a young female patient.
Case report: A 22 year old female patient presented with idiopathic 20-mm long right upper eyelid margin
void of cilia. A free eyebrow cilia flap block was taken and implanted in this gap. This report
discusses the surgical technique. Complete healing of the graft was achieved and the area of madarosis was replaced by hairy tissue.
Conclusions: The described technique for this case of idiopathic madarosis is simple and compatible. The donor region is so similar in histology of the recipient area that results in utmost cosmetic, anatomic and functional outcome.

Keywords: Cilia, eyebrow, Eyelashes, madarosis, Transplantation