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Gestational trophoblastic disease as a cause of polysignificant nodular pulmonary lesions in 16-years-old patient

Anna Liberek, Tadeusz Korzon, Wiesława Bukowska, Joanna Renke

CaseRepClinPractRev 2001; 2(1):13-16

ID: 474520

Available online:


Gestational trophoblastic disease (gtd) names both total and partial hydatid mole and malignant gestational trophoblastic disease with metastases or limited to uterus. A special form of gtd is invasive mole. The soonest possible differential diagnosis between choriocarcinoma and invasive mole should be made due to different clinical approaches and similar pictures of these forms of disease. A case of 16-years old patient with gestational trophoblastic disease in form of invasive mole is reported in the article. A vast differential diagnosis was performed because of radiographically shown polysignificant nodular pulmonary lesions. It was the first pulmonary X-ray in patient's lifetime. Authors point out the variety of possible pathologies in childhood and the necessity of a thorough analysis of patients anamnesis

Keywords: gestational trophoblastic disease, polysignificant nodular pulmonary lesion